Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Result of "Software of the Year Competition 2010-11"

After our careful selections and endorsement by the department, the following members are the awardees of the “Software of the Year Competition” in 2010-11:

Champion (HKD 1500 subsidization)
“DOODLE ß” by Lai Chi Fai, Jack. 

Jack has used jQuery Mobile (a combination of HTML5, CSS3 & Ajax) framework to create a web application “DOODLE ß” for users to complete survey on mobile devices easily. We believed a convenient mobile survey platform running on browser in Android, iOS devices and other mobile platforms would increase the response rate of a survey.

Merit (HKD 500 subsidization)

“Application of photo EXIF extraction and Google Maps” by Lee Ka Wo, Jacky

Jacky has demonstrated the use of web mapping service in this software. In addition to basic geotagging information, Jacky’s app could extract the camera shooting parameters (including camera model, exposure time, ISO speed) about photos in the  photo library.

We are happy that our awardee could apply what we have discussed in our sharing sessions. We hope all of you also enjoy all our gatherings. SIGIS 2011-12 will begin soon, join us again and the next winner of the competition may be you!


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